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Our server has a long way to go before we reach a 'completed' state. At the moment we are working on finishing interiors in Aldburg. We also have the following places marked out and in some cases partially finished, but all require at least some additonal work:

  • Brokenborings (started)
  • Bucklebury (almost finished)
  • Cameth Brin
  • Crickhollow (almost finished)
  • Deephallow
  • Fennas Drunin
  • Haysend
  • Goblin-Town (half finished)
  • Helm's Deep (needs redoing)
  • Isengard (almost finished)
  • Lond Angren
  • Maggot farm (almost finished)
  • Moria (about 30% finished)
  • Nobottle
  • Ost-in-Edhil
  • Overhill (almost finished)
  • Erebor (partly finished)
  • Pincup
  • Rushey
  • Scary
  • Stock (almost finished)
  • Tharbad (half finished)
  • Waymoot
  • Whitfurrow (almost finished)
  • Willowbottom
  • Oatbarton (almost finished)
  • Trollshaws (almost finished)

In addition to these locations, there are a whole lot of locations that aren't marked out, or are beyond the current borders of our map. This includes popular locations like Minas Tirith and Mordor. We are working hard to make a new map that includes all of these locations.