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There are two separate rank systems. Staff rank dictates most of the permissions and responsibilities that our members have. Staff ranks can only be obtained through hard work and dedication to TVP. Roleplay rank on the other hand is, as the name suggests, for roleplay only. Roleplay ranks determine what races you can choose, and can be earned through hard work, or through donations to our project.

Staff Rank

When you first join the project you will be a Snaga (Black Speech for Slave or Servant). This the lowest rank and only allows for a very limited set of actions. After you have been given a tour of the server by a higher ranking member (Arphen or above) you will be ranked up to the Ohtar. This will opens up many new possibilities, most notably, the ability to modify certain areas of the world and access to our freebuild area (which you can find by running the command /warp freebuild). It should be noted that permanent creative gamemode access is not given until the Aran rank, however you can request creative gamemode by running the /gmr command while an Aran or greater ranked player is online. They are often happy to give you creative gamemode. As you contribute more to the project (either through the Awaken Dreams mod or on the server) you will be ranked up by admins over time. Be patient, depending on what rank you are currently, it can take a very long time to be promoted. Whatever you do, don't ask for a promotion, it often hurts your chances of being promoted. If you really feel you deserve a promotion, you can ask a high ranking player what you can do to help out further. The available ranks are, in order of increasing importance:

  • Snaga (Slave) - New members will receive this rank as soon as they join. Snagas can explore the server but will be unable to modify anything. There are some restrictions on the forum as well.
  • Ohtar (Soldier) - Players who have had the tour of the server will receive this rank.
  • Arphen (Noble) - This rank is achieved if you prove your skills on the server or in the construction of the mod. RP Rank 1.
  • Aran (King) - This rank is for people who have helped with multiple different builds or have helped significantly with modding or texturing. RP Rank 2.
  • Maiar (Wizards) - Moderators of the server. To achieve this rank you need to prove that you are more than dedicated to our project and you need to have proven that you have a good knowledge of Tolkien's works, exhibit skilled work and have shown consistent effort. RP Rank 3.
  • Valar (Gods) - Admins of the server, they are some of the most skilled and dedicated workers on the project and have proven their skill and their knowledge of the Tolkien universe. They are good team leaders and are respected by the other members of the project.
  • Noble Valar (Noble Gods) - The highest rank you can usually achieve. Noble Valar are the most skilled and worthy workers on the server and would of shown their complete dedication to the server and their large knowledge of Tolkien’s work. Over the the course of their participation, they have come an recognized an integral part of the community.

There are 3 special ranks that can only be held by a single person at a time:

  • Prince Of Valar - This rank is currently not owned by anyone. It is reserved for a Noble Valar who demonstrates a continued dedication to the project and who possesses exceptional skills that have significantly helped to shape the server. It was formerly held by scribblemaniac, and then later nickgoss.
  • King of Valar - This rank currently belongs to dreader4321, one of the most dedicated players. He has played a large role in maintaining and organizing The Valar Project, the server especially. This position was formerly held by scribblemaniac.
  • Eru Ilúvatar - This is the highest rank on The Valar Project and is owned by scribblemaniac. He is the creator and sole developer of the Awaken Dreams. He co-founded the project with nicrlaitheking, and has worked tirelessly on nearly every aspect of the project. You name it, he's probably done it at one point or another. This rank was originally held by nicrlaitheking, the main founder of the project and the visionary that helped us get to where we are today. He has also worked on nearly every aspect of the project, perhaps most notably he came up with nearly all of the original plans for both the server and the mod, as well as the landscaping for the entire section of the world that we have completed. While he has since stepped down to allow the project to flourish under new leadership, he still still deserves respect as one of the most influential people to ever be a part of this project.

Finally for the sake of completeness, these are the staff ranks that have been removed:

  • Turmahîr - This rank used to be right after Arphen, but was removed because there were hardly any benefits of this rank over Arphen and was deemed unnecessary.
  • Man of the West - This rank was never used, it exists only in plans. It was designed to be given to donors and was nearly equivalent to Aran. This has been effectively superseded by the Roleplay Rank system.
  • Honorary Valar - Meant to recognize the contributions of members who were no longer active enough to retain Valar status, this rank was actually just the permissions of lower ranks with the special title for recognition. Exactly which lower rank's permissions an Honorary Valar inherits was determined on a case-by-case basis. This rank was removed due to people confusing it with the Noble Valar rank.