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Terms and Conditions

By participating in The Valar Project, you accept all of the following terms and conditions.

Please note that this may be updated at any time without notice.

  1. Definition: The Valar Project refers to the project as a whole and any subprojects, including but not limited to the Awaken Dreams mod, this website, and The Valar Project's server.
  2. Show respect to all other members of the project, regardless of the reason.
  3. Do not partake in activites, within the Valar Project or elsewhere, that would tarnish the reputation of The Valar Project.
  4. Do not claim to be acting on behalf of The Valar Project or as a representitive unless you have been given explicit permission to do so in that context by a user with rank King of Valar or higher.
  5. No advertising other products or servicies on any of our project's communication channels
  6. We do not provide an warranty for anything, including safety, privacy, or legitimacy of anything in our project.
  7. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result may result in the deprevation of any rights, express or implied that has been given to you, excluding those required by law.